Websites & Mobile Websites


There are 4 parts to a website.

1. The Domain Name is  the name of your Website and the name of your Online Address!

2. Website  Front End Development is the Building of your Website that people see!

3. Website Back End Development that is for the Search Engines (SEO)

4. Hosting is server space that pushes the website to the Internet

1. Domain Names


Picking the right Domain Name is Important!


You may believe that your business name is the best name for your website.


In the beginning the only people going to your website are the people that

 know you or see some advertising that you published.


Picking a Keyword and a Geographical location may help

 the search engines find you faster and publish you faster.


Its no guarantee

but it definitely can't hurt.

Your website still has to be set up correctly for the domain name to get scored higher.


Call and lets discuss some great domain names that will help

Enhance your business online



2. Website Front - End Development


Having a website today is a MUST!

Its credibility !!!


Would you really call a Plumber off the Internet if he didn't have a website today?


How about a Lawyer?

How professional would it be to not have a website?


We offer some of the lowest prices you will find for someone to actually build the site for you!


Will will build a portion of the layout and the first page to show you before you even pay,

If you like what you see then you sign our agreement and pay the deposit.


You have nothing to lose!


SEO, Social Media are not included.



3. Website Back - End Development (SEO)


This is where the website is built so the search engines can read

what your website is about and the areas it belongs in.


Notice that when you search for Dentist in New York

 you do not get search results for Attorneys in California!


There are key factors into the SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

that the website must have in order to appear on the major search engines.


It is possible to have a website and not appear on Google, Yahoo or Bing,

but it is quit difficult to appear on the first page.


When you search for a keyword in an area

Google may tell you that there are 1,500,000 seach results found


If your website is not in the top 10 then you will not show up on the first page!!!


Our focus is to get you on the first page but no company can guarantee organic placement.

That is up to each search engine algorithm.


We have alot of examples to show our clients placement on the first page.


4. Hosting


This is the portion that pushes your website

 out to the World Wide Web (www)